Bharatanatyam class

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Bharatanatyam class

Bishan Singh Bedi, the legendary Indian spinner and Cricket Guru, inaugurated the cricket academy at Indus World School, Gurgaon along with ‘Dronacharya’ Sunita Sharma.

“Sports coaching and playing is to inculcate values to children right from childhood and not necessarily to become a star cricketer. If your child becomes one, there is an added reason to celebrate”, said Bedi. “Bringing up a child is like a ‘Tapasya’ and you and I are ‘Tapasvi’, knowingly or unknowingly’, said Bishan. He was addressing the parents at Indus World School at the end of a half day outbound training program for parents that included Rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing and flying fox kind of activities to include parents in physical education and imbibing a culture of sports in the family.

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  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All level
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  • Bharatanatyam class

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